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The Madarsa Hadisul Quran, Laliyana Meerut is a modest contribution to the movement aiming at equipping new Muslim generations with higher Islamic as well as modern education education to both girls and boys.

The MHQ was established in 1997 A.D. Total number of the students studying in all branches of the MHQ, including the main campus is 3900, out of this number 1800 are studying in Aliya Hadisul Quran Lil Banat, 1500 are studying in Madarsa Hadisul Quran Arabic College, 600 in N.s. College.

Project Details

  • Client :Madarsa Hadisul Quran, Laliyana Meerut
  • Company : Freelance Developer
  • Category : Static Web Design
  • Date : 14 March 2015
  • Project URL : www.madhq.in
  • Dhun Solutions
  • Yoga Booking
    Portal Rishikesh
  • Kautilya Marine
  • Excel Phosphates
    Private Limited
  • Er. G.K. Singh
    ATOMOS Classes
  • Prakash Eye Hospital
  • Rare Tag
    Institute Meerut
  • Prakash eye hospital
  • MADHQ laliyana

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